Decors are the „faces“ of furniture and flooring. That is way impress decors introduce themselves to the observer – in a pleasant and open-hearted manner, just like people do, when they meet each other.

The current impress decors respond to the basic customer needs, resulting in the three new ranges: I’M Essential relies on decors which have proven themselves yet have great future potential, I’M Eminent focuses on the decor alliance and I’M Trend targets the power of inspiration.

I’M Essential

„I’M Essential“ is the basic collection. It includes the 26 essential decors of our current portfolio. This range offers the customer the reassuring feeling to fall back on decors which are not subject to any short-term trends but are established and have proven themselves and have now been newly interpreted in terms of colour.

Essential Dekore

I’M Eminent

The essence of the seven decors from the „I’M Essential“ collection is the range „I’M Eminent“, where the harmony between the different material takes centre stage. The customer can use these decors when a colour coordinated material alliance between decor paper and finish foil is needed.

Eminent Dekore

I’M Trend

„I’M Trend“ addresses all those, who aim to follow the zeitgeist. This third range demonstrates what the impress competence and passion results in: up-to-date and future oriented inspiration for customers. It contains decors which represent four fundamental current trend directions:

Trend Dekore

The decors from „Pure Serenity“ communicate calmness and serenity. Their colouring has a relaxing effect and turns the home into a safe haven, where the batteries can be charged again for the daily routine.

„Beautiful Dark“ stands for the timeless elegance of dark interiors. Rooms which are designed in this way convey security and comfort – here is where people can concentrate wholeheartedly on themselves and the beautiful things in life at the end of the day.

Trend TrueNature

Life in harmony with nature – this is what the decors from “True Nature” are all about. Originality and authenticity offer living environments in the Scandinavian style. Colours and decors reflect the nature of the material in a most genuine way.

„Bohemian Chic“ stands for laid-back luxury. This style invites to play with rich colours, shapes and exotic influences in a sensual and decorative manner. Contrasting style elements from the past and present melt together to create a highly individual and lively overall appearance.


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